Brody Jenner & Nicole Richie Chillin'

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We understand that once you've dated Kristin Cavallari, there's nowhere to go but down. But it appears that Brody Jenner has sunk to ridiculous depths. The son of the former Olympian was spotted with the revolting lovely Nicole Richie. Which is no small feat, given that she's practically two-dimensional. You all know what we're talking about. Just look at the results of our poll, people.

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At least B.J. was smart enough to meet her at an espresso bar. That stuff's like liquid crack, which Nicole probably prefers to actual food! Yes. We went there!


thats soooo mean! Nicole richie rocks! who the f are you to say that she is revolting! your probly just super ugly


Personally, I think both Kristen and Nicole are very pretty. Poor Brody, he's only human. He has the right to choose who he would like to see, not you. And I'm sure you (Hollywood Gossip) are ecstatic to hear that Nicole and Joel are getting married and are with child, hmm? Thought so. Give the stars a break. They are human, too. Stupid gossip people...get a life.


NOT. Nicole is gorgeous shut up your just jealous




I still love her


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Nicole Richie is the daughter of... wait, where did she go? Nicole? Hello? Anybody hear us? Oh, there you are - almost lost sight of... More »
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He is a good man, he is cool. He is just a great person overall.

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Nicole Richie: I’m 26. I’ve definitely had a very eventful year. So right now, it’s about me enjoying my time with my daughter. I want five children: twin boys and three girls. I’ve wanted that since I was a little girl.