Beyonce, Jay-Z to Spare No Expense for Wedding

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Let's just just say that bottles of Andre won't exactly be served at the November wedding of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z.

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The couple, otherwise known as Beyon-J, will be sparing no expense for the nuptials. The current over/under on number of Dom Perignon corks popped is 317.

Reports state that Beyonce and her booty will be shelling out $3 million for the bash on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, a tenth of which - $300,000 â€" will be allotted for the Beluga caviar alone. Also on the menu will be lobster and Italian truffles.

Ashlee Simpson is hoping to snag an invite. Her post-meal vomit would never taste so yummy!

While we don't actually envision the hip hop goddess to be counting that young pop star on a guest, The Gossip has learned of a pair that will be attending the festivities.

Oprah Winfrey and UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, will be among the guests. Keep your eye on Kofi, Beyonce. That guy loves his caviar.


uhm this is ridiculous, i totally ontthink jay deserves her,yes hes a good guy but eeww cant imagine kissing those big lips ,the pussy look-alike. she deserves a good lukin man with money not that tramp,hel b jst fyn with rihanna i bet. bee gotta find a gud lukin man with sum six packs huh!


It's just so sad that you people believe think these two lovely women are fighting over a man. Rihanna has stated repeatly that Jay Z is more like an older brother than a boyfriend. Rumors are all you have to speak of. Frist, she was dating Jay Z. Then she was dating her best girlfriend - Melissa. And eerybody said she was gay. Then she was dating that actor fellow. Give that girl a DAMN break. What is wrong with you people.


Rihanna is soo silly, how could she think she compares to Beyonce;She doesnt even have enough body to stand next to B. Her forehead goes all the way back like Jay Z's "Big pimpin". Beyonce is the epitomy of sexy Rhianna is only cute if she covers her bald spots and shows off her green eyes, yeah girl, represent Barbados to the fullest because those islanders are the only people claiming you sweetie. Dont think for one second that J would take 7 steps back and say he's rollin' with u, no matter how good you fellatio skills are! The only thing you can strive for with that is to be like superhead (hoe~ Karen Steffans). Bring the umbrella to help shield you when he cumms. Did you and Tyra take a class on how to use weave to cover your foreheads, you get a C from me, try bangs for the next album. Sorry Rihanna but were on Beyonce's team so HOE SIT DOWN!!!!


u go girl try to get your man back.fight that little rihanna she aint nobody.were on your your thing girl go on bad self.this is 4 beyonce and jay-z 4 get u rihanna.

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