As the Spoiled Rotten World Turns: Paris Hilton Brags About Earning More than J-Lo

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Don't worry, Gossip-ites, we've got the news you've been waiting for: yes, Paris Hilton did indeed make more money than Jennifer Lopez last year.

Why the blonde piece of human excrement was comparing herself to J-Lo, we have no idea. But apparently felt she need to set the financial record straight between herself and Marc Anthony's wife.

Hard Core Shopper

Both women have perfume and fashion lines, but Paris earns the bulk of her money through personal appearances. If one could refer to that as "earning."

"I've made, like, $200 million in the last year, while J-Lo's only made $150 million," Paris said. "I get paid $500,000 to go to Las Vegas or Japan and wave at crowds or go to a party. All the time."

It really is a simple life, huh? It's also a pathetic, spoiled, lazy, skanky one. Hilton also shared the story of an equally pampered family.

"Only this week I met a family at the airport who wanted me to drop in to their daughter's 16th birthday party for $100,000 because I'm her idol. So I will."

That's sweet. Everyone in attendance can compare bank rolls, servants and eating disorders.


by the way, if you have sooo much money, get that stupid lazy eyes of yours fixed. it looks retarded.


yeah, and if they'd offered you nothing except that fact that their daughter would be overjoyed, would you still have come? probably not, you stupid skank. what a spoiled rotten little brat. thank GOD your sister's not like you. and by the way, where the hell were your parents when you were growing up? a couple of slaps across the face, i'm sure, were in order when you were younger. grow up, non one cares about how much money you make, except those who think it's a waste of time to even pay you for ANYTHING!


I think she is a spoiled lil' girl. she compares herself to Princess Dianna and Marliyn..... oh please! she would be trailer trash if it worn't for her parents bid bank accounts. she seems very mean and conceded

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