A Weighty Debate: Kate Bosworth or Her Dog?

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We don't mean to keep picking on the possible evaporation of Kate Bosworth, but, well, we've seen strands of dental floss that weigh more than this talented actress.

Or at least large, hungry canines. In this image, the Superman Returns star is walking her pup and we couldn't help but wonder: who weighs more?

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leave her alone...she is a great actress and i guarantee better than anyone who doubts her. She is under stress obviously...maybe from a breakup or something going on with her family, something personal. She deals with it the best way she knows how so let her be. No one says something to you all about being over or under weight. And being an animal biologist I can see that her dog is of a healthy weight and is not a breed that is supposed to be mammoth sized like a husky or a saint bernard. No matter how skinny she is, we all wish our lives were as interesting as hers. And she will always be beautiful.


i think the story should state her as a talentless actress for something as bland looking, sounding and acting as her is not even worth labelling as anything else hopefully one day she'll just wake up to herself and say that she's wasting her life away with thia job, getting paid millions of dollars and she carnt even afford a steak for her or her dog; its nothing short of animal cruelity


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Kate Bosworth is cute, yet extremely thin. Seriously, this frail, bony actress has got to eat something. And we're not talking a hot beef... More »
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Catherine Ann Bosworth