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What does Paris Hilton's bed look like? Only a few thousand men have ever been lucky enough to find out... but any remaining mystery is about to be put to rest. In case you haven't had the honor (or the lights were off when you were doing her) you can see -- and own the thing!

That's right, it's being auctioned off, and is currently up for sale online. Opening bid: $1,500. Unfortunately (wait, check that... very fortunately), the singer and party-animal heiress isn't part of the deal.

World According to Paris Still

Paris' scuffed up, king-size bed is being hawked, complete with a quite-used and probably very disease-ridden mattress, in an online auction.

That nasty object and dozens of other items from Hilton's house are up for sale, such as her old pillows, couches, and lamps. Personally, we have no clue why you'd bid on something you've already seen -- and defaced -- from just about every angle. But hey, that's just us.

The auctioneer,, assures the Gossip that 10 percent of each sale goes to charity. If only Paris herself were up for sale. Then again, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, no?

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Has Lance Armstrong has taken a break from incessantly working out with his new best friend, Matthew McConaughey, to spend time with... Paris Hilton?

It sounds completely made up, and we really hope it is, but sources say the two showed up to the Key Club in L.A. Tuesday night to catch the band Vacation.

  • Lance Armstrong Premiere Photo
  • P-Hilt

"They came together, they hung out and left together," a spy dished.

What happened to the man love, Lance? Or the whole thing about you being a cool guy, not someone who parties slums it with a walking spent condom? No respect. Good luck seeking elected office now. As long as you're on this kick, though, you might as well hit Ashlee Simpson.

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Quick, take a look at these beautiful people and designer choices from this week's Emmy Awards. Lovely, aren't they?

  • Halle Berry 2005 Emmys Photo
  • Kim at the Emmys
  • K-Walsh Pic
  • A JLH Image

Sear those images in your mind ... because you're about to see many worse examples of what happens when good people make bad fashion decisions.

Before tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, we thought it would be fun to take a look back. Over the years, this spectacle has led to numerous celebrities that looked far from REspectable ...

Yup, Paula Abdul has always looked awful at award shows. Just borrow Simon's black t-shirt next time, don't try so hard.

Paula Abdul Flower Dress

Hey, a pair of criminals! At least Martha Stewart looks fairly normal in this dark suit. Busta Rhymes, on the other hand? Ummm ... is that a dress?

Busta Rhymes Dress

Maybe this shouldn't be classified as a "classic" picture. After all, when it comes to Lil Kim, not much has changed.

Lil Kim Mini Skirt

Consider us speechless. When Prince sings at halftime of the Super Bowl, let's hope he wears a bit more.

Prince Performs Picture

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Hey, Braxton Olita -- we saw your girlfriend today. She's featured in Crack Whore Magazine (the online edition)! What what!!! **fist pump** We're just kidding. Not really. Have you seen the girl who used to be Ashlee Simpson lately? What the hell has happend to her?

Sure, she never had a shred of talent, but she was Jessica's little sister and cute enough at least. Now that she's become an anorexic plastic surgery fiend, the staff members at T.H. Gossip can only shake their heads in disdain. Check out this ghastly pic we found today, not in the aforementioned CWM (which doesn't really exist, FYI, though it would be an awesome read), but in People. She's giving Kate Moss a run for her money!

Ashlee Simpson Rocks Out

Soon enough, she may actually become invisible.

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So, Laguna Beach last night? OMG. There sure was a ton of -- for lack of a better word -- drama. Let's break it down.

Tessa seems like she's over the whole Chase thing, at least while the dude is off tending to band emergencies or whatever he does. Aren't these kids in school? Does no one in the city of Laguna Beach have to do anything a normal person does? Doesn't he know his band is not good? Whatever.

Laguna Beach Season 3 Cast Photo

Good to see Cameron all but denying his relationship with Jessica in true player fashion. You don't want the kids at school to know you're hooking up with the pathetic, already-graduated girl who can't give up the reality TV lifestyle.

EARTH TO JESSICA: Your classmates, such as Kristin Cavallari, have moved on. Do the same, for your own sake.

In Cameron's case, he knows exactly what the dilly be. Older women are usually good for your cred... just not this one.

The biatch posse, Cami (above) and Kyndra, were in full force last night, crashing Rocky's party. As they drove to the party to which they were not invited, Kyndra scoffed that Rocky "better not think" she can do the same to her parties, girlfriend!

Let's recap the party-crashing drama so far this season:

  1. Kyndra invites Tessa to her BBQ.
  2. Kyndra tweaks when she shows up with a posse.
  3. Rocky invites Cami and Kyndra to Tessa's surprise B-day.
  4. They complain about the invitations themselves, but show up anyway, then cut out of that piece early.

Which brings us to last night, with Rocky having the sense not to invite the terrible twosome and them going anyway.

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Typically, that headline would seem rather obvious. A father wants his daughter to be happy? D'uh! When it comes to Joe Simpson, however, you never know.

After all, this is a man who once told GQ in 2004: "She's got double Ds! You can't cover those suckers up!"

Joe and Jessica Simpson

We love Jessica Simpson pictures and breasts, too, but we didn't help to create them with our sperm.

Anyway. Us Weekly ran into Papa Joe at NYC's Roxy Tuesday night. The magazine asked him about Jessica's love life and career. Nary a word about boobs was uttered.

Q: "What about romantically … would you like to see anything exciting happen [in Jessica's love life]?"

A: "You know, although everyone says I'm the bad guy, I stay out of her romance! I don't have anything to do with her romance nor Ashlee's! You know, all I wish for her is to be happy. It's been a sad year, she's been through some tough, tough times, and as a father, I wish joy for her, whatever brings her joy and happiness, that's what I wish for her."

Q: "What do you think of the rumors of Jessica dating John Mayer?"

A: "You know, Jessica will have to speak for her own love life, that's not my area. She doesn't tell me!"

Q: "Do you respect him as an artist at least?"

A: "Absolutely. I admire his art and his talent."
Just thinking aloud here, but if Kevin Federline had any art or talent, people would probably say the same thing about him.

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You might say that NBC is tickled pink about the return of the NFL to its prime time lineup. And not simply because the network is excited.

Also due to the fact that pop singer, Pink, will be cranking out the opening song.

Pink Performs Photo

Britney's new pal will welcome viewers to the telecast with "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night," sung to the tune of Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself for Loving You." A song with which we're sure not a single football fan is familiar.

"Pink is a tremendous talent with crossover appeal," said SNF producer Fred Gaudelli. "And she's also from Philly, so she knows what being a football fan is all about."

Translation: she hates Terrell Owens.

But, still, is Pink the best choice for this gig? Or would, we don't know, ANYone else be? Perhaps Ashlee Simpson, the songtress who was once booed out of the Rose Bowl? That was enjoyable.

Or maybe Nick Lachey, Ashlee's former brother-in-law? The NFL, after all, could use a heartfelt break-up song to attract a female audience.

In the end, however, we'd have chosen Whitney Houston. Just to throw Osama a bone.

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The London Sun is reporting that Kevin Federline, who just scored a guest gig on CSI, also will showcase his sure-to-impress acting chops in three episodes of HBO's Entourage, playing the deadbeat husband of a celebrity.

T.H. Gossip's Take: Typecasting lives! Oh, snap!

Kevin Federline Black Card

Please note, however that this is according to the London Sun, which some may liken to the New York Post -- it's not the sleuths at T.H. Gossip who are bringing you this story directly.

Sometimes, we are forced to rely on people who might not be as reliable as we'd like... but such is the nature of the business.

Bottom line? K-Fed's career is really taking off. Our resident Entourage fan says that the show frequently mocks Hollywood, so we look forward to seeing Kevin's performance, if this story is legit.

As for K's family life, that's going great too, with one (poorly-dressed) son with wife Britney Spears already alive and kicking, and another bun in the oven about ready to come out October 31!

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The budding romance between Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner may look like a typical, quickie Hollywood rebound affair that's destined to crash and burn, but don't be fooled: The pair go way back. He even predates Paris Hilton.

"I was there when (Brody) was born!" Lionel Richie, Nicole's dad, and a longtime friend of Jenner's parents, tells People. "They grew up together. To see them together now is like, ‘Where are you going with this?' But they're having a wonderful time."

Nicole Richie And Brody Jenner Picture

Just three months after splitting up with ex-fiancé DJ AM (for the second time), Richie, 24, has been cozying up with the 23-year-old Jenner.

Jenner recently ended a high-profile relationship of his own, breaking things off with sizzling Laguna Beach alumna Kristin Cavallari.

From lunch at Hollywood's La Conversation Café (a Nicole fave) last week, to dinner at Mr. Chow, to an A-list birthday bash in Hollywood, the two are getting along famously, dishes a source who knows Richie and Jenner.

"They are a very normal couple and Brody is a decent, nice, down-to-earth guy. Even though it's relatively new, it seems like they've been together forever," the source said.

Or, at least it's new since the '80s, when the pals often played at one another's houses. Jenner's mom, Linda Thompson, remembers it fondly â€" and approves of the current romance.

"(Nicole) is like my godchild. … She's a darling girl, very intelligent and very together. I think they're very cute (as a couple). Will they get married? Who knows? He's young and so is she," said Brody's mom.

But does Jenner get the all-important dad stamp of approval?

"Oh, yeah," says Lionel. "He's a great kid."

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The stakes in the Candy Spelling - Tori Spelling war just got a lot higher, with the buzz that Candy has unloaded her 56,000 square-foot Holmby Hills mansion for a cool $130 million, selling to an Arab prince.

The cash flow would likely fan the flames in the escalating feud between the late Aaron Spelling's widow and her estranged daugher. The inside word is that, as TMZ first reported and as Candy's reps have denied, Tori's mom gave an upscale real estate company a "pocket listing" on the mansion and that her asking price was $150 million.

Tori Spelling Photograph

Now, the buzz is that Candy (above, right) will quietly walk away with a boatload of cash, which will surely irk the soon-to-be cash-poor Tori. The 90210 star was all but disinherited by her father, as she recently discovered in papers Aaron Spelling signed four months before his death.

Tori reportedly will get less than $1 million -- a pittance compared to his vast half-billion-dollar estate. But hey, there's always porn.

Tori and Candy have been at war with each other for months, clawing it out in the tabloids and elsewhere.

Last Sunday, the pair were both present at last Sunday's Emmy Awards, but even the occasion of an emotional tribute to Aaron, the legendary TV producer, could not move the mother and daughter any closer to reconciliation.

Candy really has taken a proverbial deuce on Tori if you ask us. What a greedy psycho this woman must be. No matter how much you hate your daughter, wouldn't you give her $2-3 million out of that $130 just out of pity? Unreal.

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