Suri Cruise: The (Lack Of) Proof Is In The Pudding

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The truth has funny ways of coming out.

A staff member here at the Gossip was standing in line at the grocery store this afternoon and leafing through People Magazine, which ran a picture of Katie Holmes similar to those we have posted lately of the former Dawson's Creek star keeping it mellow and looking absolutely f--king brutal.

Mother and Doll

But here's the good part. The photo caption revealed, in a classic Freudian slip, the truth behind the mystery of her yet-unseen baby Suri.

"Katie Holmes has been lying low lately," it said.

Clearly, what the magazine meant to say was that Katie is laying low. But instead it confirms what we already know, and she and everyone around her are liars, and that Suri Cruise is a farce. Don't even try to tell us otherwise, because you're wrong. If you believe Leah Remini, you have got to put down that Scientology-flavored Kool Aid and grab yourself a nice, hot cup of reality.

Sure she has looked overweight, unkempt and possibly pregnant for months. That doesn't mean there is a baby -- Holmes has clearly just let herself go! With her current partnet, can you blame her?
At least that's our take. Star says that the real reason behind the "hiding" of fake Suri is due to the fact that Holmes is terrified of having stalkers like she had in the past during her TV days. She still hasn't recovered from nightmares and is scared to subject her daughter to it.

Fiancee Tom Cruise has reportedly hired more security. For what, we don't know. To make it look like you have something to protect? Come on man. Just give it up. We know you're the world's biggest star, but you're just throwing money away at this point.


Unfortunately, the general public have a short attention span and move on to the next gossip of the hour. Holmes was never pregnant. She's just that egotistical has-been actors 3rd contract 'wife.' The child was conceived and 'taken.'...many went to a lot of trouble to plan this charade carefully. People joke about 'Suri' being 'alien' or 'satan spawn.' The truth...she is special but doesn't belong in the hands of scientologists. Read the background on Hubbard and see why she is so protected and why celeb Scientologists cover up this lie. I'm sure the real mother would want her child back. And the father? They know what happened to the father...


i agree, that belly is fake! i have two kids and my belly both times were huge, but they never looked like i had a balloon under my dress!!!


OK, well... I have actually believed that there really was a baby. But.... either there was some doctring to this pic or that is a totally fake tummy. I've had 2 kids and all my friends have to, and I have NEVER seen something as freaky as that! lol


c'mon even if you're not breast feeding you still have a set of jugs. katie looks more like a 12 yr old boy.... maybe that's more tom's type


I think the picture is fake.


wow, that picture looks totally fake.....if she really WAS that big, then her stomach should be much lower. i know everyone carries differently but come one....also, there is no possible way to be wearing regular jeans when you are that big. well, i suppose there is but it is SOOO uncomfortable.


There is no way that a woman's stomach can appear as Katie's does in this pix. It does not look real, and even though my teen tried to tell me, I am now convinced that Suri is fake also. Shame on TomKat if it's not true.


those two are very weird, if it's indeed a suri cruise, poor baby


i honestly believe that Suri Cruise is fake. i love Leah Remini but i think that Tomkat asked her to say that they saw her just so people wouldnt catch on to Suri not being real.


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