Samuel L. Jackson Excited to Generate Buzz for Snakes on a Plane

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Don't get Samuel L. Jackson wrong (seriously, he'll kill you). The actor is glad people still bring up memorable roles such as his hit man turn in Pulp Fiction.

Having already achieved cult status for that role, however, Jackson is excited to be recogized for something different finally, something a bit more reptile-like.

Samuel L. Jackson Pic

"If people can stop yelling do I know what a quarter-pounder with cheese in France is called and start yelling get these motherf***ing snakes off the motherf***ing plane, I'll be fine, I'll be great," the baddest man on the planet said.

The premise Snakes on a Plane is simple. Jackson's character is an FBI agent transporting a convict. But soon he faces a problem. There are snakes. On the plane. Though the film doesn't open until August 18, Jackson is already contemplating a sequel.

"There aren't that many vehicles that you can put people on that you can't get off of. Maybe they could do 'Rats on a Plane.' And the tagline for this one is: 'Where's a Snake When You Need One?'"

What do you mean, Samuel L.? Kevin Federline is always available.


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