Pitt Sees Katrina Damage First Hand, Vows to Help

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Stolen baby pictures don't seem as important to Brad Pitt anymore.

On Friday, the actor and new father commented on the devastation in New Orleans he finally got a chance to see for himself. He was dismayed.

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"I was not prepared," the Pitt said, describing how he drove for miles and saw street after street of destruction.

Angelina's man was in town to give an update on a project he's promoting - a competition to choose ecologically sound designs for rebuilding neighborhoods. In his comments, Pitt said there was a "big opportunity here" to rebuild the city with energy efficient materials appliances that would improve quality of life, particularly in low-income communities.

The national environmental organization, Global Green USA, is working with Pitt on the design project, as he heads a team of architects, city residents and others who decided Friday on the top five environmentally friendly designs out of more than 100 entries.

"It's impossible to replicate the past," Pitt said, referring to the probable new look of New Orleans. "The original designs are really good. They're really efficient." But, he added, "we can do better."

Fortunately, Pitt was not asked about Jolie or their three children. The news conferene was focused on the issue at hand and what could be done to turn things around in such a damaged area.


I don't doubt that Brad has a good heart, its good to see him giving something back - he needs to after the appallng way he broke up with Jennifer. I don't actually hold him to blame when he had Angelina Jolie Queen Temptress in his ear. Even if the relationship between Brad and Jen was over - Angelina should have waited until the devorce was finalised and the relationship completely finished before she allowed herself to get pregnant. Sorry - but I just can't seem to move past this and because of it my opinion of Brad Pitt has been forever changed. As for Jennifer, I hope she finds the happiness that she deserves. She is a true star, I am so impressed by the grace and dignity she has displayed throughout this seperation. She has been true to herself and therefore is giving haerself that chance to find true happiness. Poor Brad, your relationship is never going to work and that Angelina woman is going to make a laughing stock of you and it is YOUR OWN FAULT.


I also knew Brad was a great guy! Can we please forgive what happened with Jen now and realize he has a good heart??


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