Oprah vs. Lance: Which is More Shocking?

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First, let us make recent celebrity announcements perfectly clear to those whose attention has been focused on lesser events such as mass destruction in the Middle East, Avian Flu concerns and Beyonce video controversy.

Oprah is NOT gay. Lance Bass IS gay. In visual form:

O Pic
Eyelining to Victory

So, here's the question, Gossip fans: Which revelation is more shocking? Did you see Lance's liberation coming? What about the straight stance taken by Oprah? Let us know!


I am 100% Oprah and Gayle are lovers for many years hello ppl wake up...hello she got the dough...she's as gayas gay isss...... yessss....


Well I'm gonna have to go with Oprah as well. I mean Lance... of the boy band nsync gay? You don't say. But Oprah... straight?


I had no idea Oprah was straight. That was came out of the closet to me! Lance .... not so shocking, haha.

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