Oprah and Gayle: Still Not Gay, Still Receiving Media Flak

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People, come on, Oprah Winfrey is not gay. Neither is best friend, Gayle King.

The duo - who made this issue incredibly public in the first place with an article in O magazine - probably now wishes it would die. Instead, pundits and PR gurus are alive and kicking with criticism.

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"There must be a billion people who would have never even suspected it," says publicity legend Bobby Zarem. "This brings attention to something that the average person never thought about. It's a huge, huge mistake."

But we can't emphasize this enough: it's NOT a gay mistake. Oprah and Gayle and not lovers, okay?!?

"When did we reach the place where celebrities feel the need to announce this?" asked MSNBC's Keith Olbermann.

In response, Oprah are also announced that she and Olbermann are not dating.


I am on my period...Damn this sucks...ewww I just bled through onto my dogs back..."Come here Fido, you need a bath."


I just farted on Oprah's face!


I'm a gay. I do not appreciate your constant denial of being gay. What's wrong with gays? Luv yah Oppy...




can on guys oprah is an amazing women even if she had a lot of problems in her childhood it didn't bring her down ,i love her so much she's not gay i think she can have a boyfriend


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