Michael Jackson's Crazy Ex-Wife Needs Cash

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Debbie Rowe needs a payday loan.

The insane woman that not only married Michael Jackson, but fathered his children (ewww!) claims the singer owes her a fortune. She says she "sits on the brink of bankruptcy.

Vintage Michael Jackson

Our friends at TMZ.com obtained a motion filed by Rowe, in which she asks a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to order Jackson to pay her $50,000 in living expenses for the next four months. Ha! Like Jacko can afford that!

In the documents, Rowe states she needs the money to continue her fight for the custody of the couple's two children. An extrar $195,000 is also being requested for legal fees; if Rowe doesn't receive the check to pay her lawyers, she'll have to represent herself in the custody battle - which would provide The Gossip with endless entertaining material.

Jackson and Rowe divorced in 1999. Under the terms of that agreement, the woman who's apparently seen this freak naked was to receive $1 million up front, along with an additional $1 million a year for the next three years. After that, Rowe was to receive $750,000 a year for the next six years. The total take: $8.5 million.

Shockingly - as Jackson faces trial after trial - Rowe claims her former husband hasn't lived up to the agreement.

The settlement agreement provides a peek into Jackson's lavish lifestyle. He owns:

  • A Rolls Royce limousine
  • Four tractors
  • Numerous firetrucks
  • Countless car-shaped bunk beds, replete with built-in children

We may have made the last one up. But Rowe is also hoping to alter her visitation agreement in order to spend more time with the doomed offspring of her and Jackson.


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The writer of this article is a sick individual. On what basis was Michael Jackson a "freak"? It's pathetic to peddle this garbage but there are always a few idiots who consume this garbage at the bottom of the pond. It is no longer 2006 and Michael has died. What have this writer to say today? Debbie Rowe and her former boss, Arnie Klein appear to have plotted against Jackson with the two older children. If DNA of Klein matches that of the two older children, both he and Rowe are likely to be on trial and probably convicted of conspiracy to defraud and possibly murder. T. West


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i wish i cood see him in real life i have allways be looking
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