Leah Remini Claims to Have Seen Suri Cruise

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not been hiding three-month old baby Suri from all their friends. So says Leah Remini, star of CBS' hit comedy The King of Queens, who has reportedly seen the mystery baby.

"She's a newborn and normal size!" Remini gushed. "Tom and Kate... want to have a life and raise their baby. They're normal parents. [Katie] is the most serene, gracious, sweet human being."

Suri Shops with Katie

Remini, 36, also claims to have bought Suri shoes. Talk about a waste of money. Why? Because this "sighting" proves nothing. Suri Cruise does not exist, people, and sooner or later, the cover-up will be exposed and people will realize that this is all an incredible sham.

NEWS FLASH: Remini is, like Cruise, is all into that Scientology garbage.

These people are complete lunatics who have no qualms about lying for one another and brainwashing new members. Leah also had a recurring role on Saved By The Bell back in the day. Relevance to this blog? Zero. But she's still a publicity-hogging liar, and until we see Suri pics, we are not buying any of this crap. So there.


eff you Cubs. i happen to be one of those morons, jackass! we adore Leah because she the exact opposite of what you think she is. she's not some pathetic loser bashing people she doesn't even know on freakin internet, like yourself. so STFU and bite me.


She is a stupid as crazy scientologist bitch!


She is a beautiful woman, thin or not, and a real person, not fake Hollywood trash.


FcUK all you Leah Haters...Leah is as Real as they come. She is sweet and very giving. FCUK YA FOR HATING FOR NO REASON! You dont know Ish about Leah to be talking Smack about her.


While I would probably like to hammer her; I must agree, she is anoying and the way she talks/behaves is downright vulgar


Leah is hot


You are so right about being a creepy, nasty, annoying bitch. I f you want a good laugh search for Leah Remini Guard it is web site started by several godess worshiping Remini loving morons . These people are as creepy and sick as Remini, but it is worth a couple of laughs

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