Kate Hudson Gets Fat on Libel Damages from Skinny Photo Lawsuit

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When she's not watching porn with her husband, Kate Hudson is winning lawsuits.

On Thursday, Goldie Hawn's daughter accepted libel damages from a magazine that printed a photograph making her look too skinny, alongside an article that said Hawn wanted her to eat more.

Kate Hudson Breast Implants?

The only thing now being eaten? Crow, by the UK Enquirer, over the article which appeared last October under the headline "Goldie Tells Kate: Eat Something!"

According to Hudson's lawyer, Simon Smith, the story and pictures implied Hudson had "recklessly and foolishly endangered her health by deliberately starving herself." One picture "purported to show Ms. Hudson as very frail and gaunt in appearance."

Moreover, Smith said, Goldie had never expressed any concern over her daughter's appearance. Her choice to star in Alex & Emma, however? That's a different story.

The magazine agreed to pay an undisclosed sum and print a public apology. But the main reason Hudson wanted her non-skinng story set straight?

She didn't want Paris Hilton to hate her.

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