Jennifer Aniston IS Engaged to Vince Vaughn!

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Hey, remember when we say Jennifer Aniston was not engaged to Vince Vaughn? Well, it was true at the time.

But times change. Us Weekly reports that Vinifer is, indeed, now hearing wedding bells. During a recent week-long Mexican vacation, the couple couldn't keep quiet anymore: "We're getting married," Jen told a friend.

The big news capped off a calm, romantic trip.

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"They didn't leave the resort too often," says an employee. "She was a very quiet guest."

And, now, a very happy one. To celebrate their last night in Mexico, Aniston and Vaughn ordered appetizers from a local Mi Casa restaurant and "seemed in love," says a Cabo San Lucas hotel employee.

That always helps when you're getting married. Courteney Cox, meanwhile, sees a bright future for the pair.

"They have fun, I'll say that much," she says in the August issue of Marie Claire. "They spend a lot of time laughing."

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Every body deserves a little happiness in their life! "I like where your head's at!" Good Luck with that!!


You go you guys - walk down the isle in love - get married - make a beautiful family - your romance is delicous and sweet to wacth, I can see that he loves so beautifully gentle and strong - you two will make the most adorable baby or two.
Is this a daydream oh please please make it real