Girls, Especially Redheads, Just Wanna Have Fun, Lohan Says

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Her breasts may be real (cough, cough), but even Lindsay Lohan would admit that her hair isn't exactly natural.

The awfu person actress has gone blonde and brown in the past to her current locks - and she believes this original hair color of hers makes her a more sexual individual.

Hair Blower

"I have this Playboy book called ‘Redheads' in my room," she recently said. "I was reading all these things about how redheads are more passionate, and apparently they're much more sexual than girls with other hair colors.

"I think I'm more sexual than my friends. I'm more comfortable in my skin. I'm a sexual person, definitely."

Hey, Lindsay: No kidding!


Its great as your other blog posts : D, thanks for putting up. "Before borrowing money from a friend it's best to decide which you need most." by Joe Moore. Jaclyn


la verdad q no esta muy claro sobre q ahy q comentar pero lindsay se ve hermosa tal cual es nada de rubia ni morocha ni nada.ella peliroja es sensacional y sus pecas la asen mas linda todavia! soy superfan de lindsay agregarme!


U said it ....... She is definitely an awfu person... I mean actress! LOL


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