First Her Man, Now Her Role: Jolie Nabs Part From Aniston

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Come on. This is just mean.

While it's not official yet - but that's why we're called The Hollywood GOSSIP - the following announcement should soon be made:

  • Angelina Jolie will star in a film produced at the same company Brad Pitt created with his former flame, Jennifer Aniston. Moreover, this is a role initially considered as a potential Oscar nominee for Aniston.


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According to reports, negotiations are ongoing for Jolie to take a part if "A Mighty Heart," the biopic about slain Wall Street Journal Middle East correspondent Daniel Pearl. It was penned by his widow, Marianne Pearl.

At least Aniston has some heart-warming news in which she can find comfort. Her and Vince Vaughn are officially engaged, meaning the Vinnifer/Brangelina steel cage match can only be a year or so away.


Will this Jolie woman ever let up. Her baby not three months old and she will leave the child because she is threatened by Jennifer Annistion and after all that's how she got Brad. Also lets not forget the shot gun pregnancy, as she was pregnant before Jen and Brad were even devorced. It seems to me that Jolie hides behind the humanitarian work, to make the world think she is a good person - it actually really bothers me when people use children and children's innocence to try and cleanse themselves - ANGELINA JOLIE NEEDS TO SAY SORRY TO JEN - publically and privately. She also needs to lighten up and if Jen and Brad happen to work together in the future -DEAL WITH IT LADY

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