Federline to Humiliate Self, Family, Human Race By Performing Live at Teen Choice Awards Next Month

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All the world will be watching the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. As they should. The two-hour event, scheduled for August 20 on FOX, is always met with some great anticipation. But this year could be the most interesting (and awful) one ever, due to a live performance by Kevin Federline.

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Yes, Kevin Federline. 




Federline will close the award show with a performance of his single "Lose Control," which is set to be released in August. Anyone who pays money for that crap might as well just hurl yourself off a cliff now, because you will probably die alone someday anyway. But that's beside the point. The point is that Federline, the backup dancer turned deadbeat spouse, is making the rounds promoting his new album, Playing with Fire.

We aren't sure whether wife Britney Spears will be on hand to witness this embarrassment performance, but we will keep you posted. You know who will definitely be on hand, though? Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook. They will be co-hosting the event! That could be very interesting, as rumors continue to swirl around the couple.

It could also be interesting if Jessica fellates an ice cream cone on camera, like she does in her new video for "A Public Affair." Here's hoping for that.

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if kevin federline is such a good dancer, why doesn't he stick to it and make a living instead of spending britney's; he's said he pay for his own stuff but how could he possibly afford the cars, etc!!!!! it's too bad that she may not see how he is using her and that she went ahead and got pregnant so quickly again!


This guy does a disservice to my good name! Kevins everywhere need to unite against the fool.


What a dirt ball

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