Federline Used to Wax Cars, Not Just Rich Girls

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In a post earlier today, in which we ridiculed Nicole Richie, we off-handedly asserted that Kevin Federline had never held a job.

Well, the Gossip is prepared to issue a full retraction of that remark, as we have been informed that K-Fed was once employed at the car wash.

Golf Fiend


Yes, long before he became Mr. Britney Spears, Federline worked the Red Carpet for about two years. That's the Red Carpet Carwash in Fresno, Calif., to be more specific. He started at the vacuums and worked his way up to customer service!

What a go-getter!

Manager Gilbert Alander says his now-famous former employee came to him one day and announced he would seek fame and fortune as a dancer, and then he moved to Beverly Hills. There, he proceeded to dance periodically, procreate furiously and latch on to famous women with money.

One of Kevin's former co-workers confesses he and K-Fed would "get a little wild" and let their "hair down a little bit." We're not sure what this means exactly, but frankly, it is a little terrifying. Any time Federline goes wild, it can only result in disaster. Or more children.

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I worked with Kevin years ago at Red Carpet CarWash,he was a good person to work with, ya he was a ladys man or young man back then. I dont kno y people down him, what guy at a young age dint chase women? And the way I c it he chased a dream, and did what he had to do to reach it. Its jus sad to me how the world judges him for the road and the steps it took for him to get where he is today. I dont care if people despise Kevin for how he became famos..im sure it took guts an alot of hardwork.Coming out of Fresno ya he did good for himself,