Exclusive: Oprah and Gayle are Still Not Gay

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Oprah Winfrey is NOT a lesbian, okay?!? Her and Gayle King are just close friends, nothing more. Now, if only Oprah and Gayle didn't have the need to keep telling everyone this ...

King appeared on "The View" this morning, further squashing the rumors we're pretty sure she stared by stating - once again - that her and the talk show goddess weren't lovers.

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This nonsense is "silly," King said, seemingly ignoring the fact that she wrote a drawn-out article on the topic for O magazine. She also said the person most affected by such speculation is Stedman Graham, Oprah's very, very, very long-time boyfriend.

Oprah has money: Gayle did open up to Barbara, Joyand company regading her pal's open wallet. Evidently, Oprah is quite generous, paying for a nanny and a double-wide stroller when King's son was born, along with trips to Europe. Other tidbits from the interview included:

  • Oprah and Gayle share footwear (but not beds!)
  • Oprah can't stand listening to the radio
  • King was once mistaken for Destiny Child's Kelly Rowland

But, just to repeat and paraphrase Rowland's former band mate, Beyonce: when it comes to any lesbian talk, you better check on it, folks.


I am one of these people who has been speculating over the last few years as to whether oprah is gay. But to be honest, I don't think I care anymore and really who cares.
It just seems like Oprah and Gayle cannot win. If they were to just shut up when asked questions about their sexualities, then the media would be saying that they MUST be gay since they won't talk about it. And so if they do say something and clarify they aren't gay, the media accuses them of going on about it (when they are the ones asking the questions in the first place!) So it's like they damned if they do or if they don't. Who cares!!!!


I don't get it - who ever said they were gay? I love Oprah, but does she really need this extra attention? If there were anu rumors, just be the mature ones and ignore them. It's all a little odd.


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