Ellen Pompeo, Boyfriend Fight in Monte Carlo

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Sources report that Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo did not appear in any interviews with her fellow cast members during a visit to the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Pompeo's representative, Jennifer Allen, said it was at the request of the broadcasters that she be interviewed separately, but tabloids speculate that Ellen may have what is known as Diva-itis, if you know what we're saying. We're saying she's a diva!

The actress also had a fight with boyfriend, Chris Ivery, at one point getting out of a car and running down the street, shouting to the driver that Ivery is "not her husband" when told by the driver to get back in the car with her husband.

Ellen and Chris Pic

We're guessing that previous reports of Pompeo's reluctance to marry the ex-felon and current music producer may have some weight to them.

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You guys shouldn't talk about someone unless you know them. My mom and Chris are best friends since middle school. He had a rough life. His dad left, mom was a drugee and his older brother did drugs also. He is a really nice person and deserves what he has. Really, u cant talk about someone unless you really know them.


If she is happy with him why should it matter who is or what he's done in the past


Why is Ellen with such a pathetic guy? ...or is she not with him any more? One can only hope. Smiles. R




No, she doesn't.


does anyone know if ellen pompeo has a child?

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