Ellen Pompeo, Boyfriend Fight in Monte Carlo

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Sources report that Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo did not appear in any interviews with her fellow cast members during a visit to the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Pompeo's representative, Jennifer Allen, said it was at the request of the broadcasters that she be interviewed separately, but tabloids speculate that Ellen may have what is known as Diva-itis, if you know what we're saying. We're saying she's a diva!

The actress also had a fight with boyfriend, Chris Ivery, at one point getting out of a car and running down the street, shouting to the driver that Ivery is "not her husband" when told by the driver to get back in the car with her husband.

Ellen and Chris Pic

We're guessing that previous reports of Pompeo's reluctance to marry the ex-felon and current music producer may have some weight to them.

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I WONA MEET YOU. why are you just looking like this.I can't talk more than, because I really want to talk to you face to face.


black power ;)


lot's of pain beyound the smile, hollywood way, I presume


whoever is wishing for them to be separated based on looks,colour, fame e.t.c does not hav a smooth lovelife,love is unquestionable,you dont know their point of attraction,i wish ellen and chris the best in life and i pray 4 their marraige to be a success.


I just wish you people could spell!!!


Whoa, you naysayers. Say what you really mean:
What is a 'hot' white actress doing with a blaclk (and as the periodicals described Chris) 'former felon'? Boggles all y'allsmyopic minds, don't it?
Love is truly colour blind. I hope they last the test of time, just to really piss y'all off and prove you wrong.


I know I wish she and Patrick would get together they are so cute on and off the screen!!!


all u guys bad mouthing ellen n chris,dont u guys hav nothin better 2 talk about,u butch of no lifes...2 ellen n chris,wish u al dar best...........


ellen vos sois todo un bombon y aunque me duela en mi corazon la verdad haces buenisima pareja con tu compañero patrik jaja pero pues yo estoy mejor eres todo una nenaza buenissima tia y ojala te casaras con el tio este porque se ven muy bien en tv y tu estas mas buenaza que su esposa ok?
asi que buza tia no importa que me rompas el corazon... tu novio esta del navo para ti tia de acuerdo?.... te amo eres genial y única mucho mejor que la tia esta kate mush o algo asi porque tu eres toda una maja!!!!! bossssoosss bombon


wow you are fantastic!!!!!!!! mmm really i love you because you are an exelentent actres and plis, you should get merried with patrik hehehe