Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 1

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They're a couple of cuties. They can act. They were both born in 1969, and both are rather thin. Yes, the Gossip's first pair of Celebrity Look-Alikes are peas in a pod. Or something. Behold, Academy Award-winner Renee Zellweger (left) and Ellen Pompeo, star of the ABC hit series Grey's Anatomy. Got a better picture that showcases their likeness? Or a suggestion for future editions of this feature? Drop us a line!

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they luk alike and they way talk and the moves are almost the same.. may b they r twins...


RZ looks weird. She looks like she should be pretty, but needs to relax her face or something. I read that she looks like she ate a lemon and I think that is about right. I've never seen the other girl (never watched Grey's), but in that pic she looks way prettier and more way more natural.


I personally think Ellen Pompeo looks and remind me a lot of former "Ally McBeal" star and current Brothers and Sisters" co star: Calista Flockhart. They even give off the same calming vibe. I think they bother very beautiful women. Have great figures and very talented actresses.


no wayy ellen pompeo ldoesnt look anything like renee. ellen is way more pretty and is such a better actress. they look anothing alike and ellen is way beter


I have to say, it is not so much looks, but voice and mannerisms. I had been watching Grey's Anatomy and was thinking "I have seen that before. The way she tilts her head and laughs and many other things. Where have I seen her before?". Figured I had seen Ellen in something else. Realised this weekend when I watched "One True Thing" that it wasn't Ellen I'd seen before, but she reminds me majorly of Renee.


no way Ellen looks nothing liKE renee, renee is fatter way fatter, in my opinion ellen looks just like calista flockhart!


I'm right!!! I was watching Greys Anatomy for the first time and had seen Ellen Pompeo for the first time.. I thought she looks like Renee and even their voices sound pretty similar too. Then I just researched for both of them if there are other people who thinks they are alike.. and wola, it's not just me!!!


renee is uglier by far. Her face looks like Ellens, just squeezed from top to bottom and her jaws and cheeks stretched like a chipmunks


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I get told atleast 5 times a week that I look just like Renee Zellweger, it is so bad it is almost every night.