Celebrating 100 Days Since Suri's Non-Birth

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We would love to post a picture of Suri Cruise here today, on this, the 100th day after she was supposedly born. But since she isn't real, you'll have to settle for an ordinary pic of plain ol' TomKat. Sorry! What is your opinion of the alleged baby? Is she real, or the total farce / PR stunt we believe her to be? Leave us a comment or vote in our poll (above).

Tom Kat Photo
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I'm real! Here I am! Daddy just thought it would be fun to play hide and seek with me and the media. I think he's a little crazy.


I don't get it - we criticize celebrities so often for being in the spotlight too much. Now, we have a loving couple choosing to keep their baby and private life private ... and we make fun of them for it? What does that say about our society? Our need to be nosy?


Here's the REAL question: which is more real - Suri Cruise or Ashlee Simpson's chin? At least we've seen a picture of Ashlee's chin.


Suri?!? More like surreal! No way this kid exists.


ya know-who cares-
I was a huge Tom fan from the early 1980's-
after he totally dissed Nicole Kiddman, I could care less about him, who he is currently bedding nor his freaky alledged child-
don't care!
He has become so uinattractive in all ways- his choice of womenm have been recent unattractive-who am I kidding, all his gals past present and future are ugly except Nicole.
In all honesty, I know of no one whom cares about Tom any more. I honestly wish him no ill will- I st wish he'd move his hale bopp butt on down the road...