Can You See Me Now? Barton and Richie Compare Barely Noticeable Bodies

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Hey, anorexic kids, here's a fun game to try at home or on the beach: find a similarly slight friend, stand by side by side and see if anyone walking by can actually see you.

Check out Nicole Richie and new pal, Mischa Barton, to get an idea of how it goes:

Mischa Photo
Nic Richie

Extra points are rewarded to those that can locate boobs on Barton.


you guys are just jealous. she is beautiful


Sorry, I disagree. Some women are small by nature. My ex wife was very thin and ate almost more than me. They burn a lot, they are often very has nothing to do with trying to be thin.
Heck they even try to increase weight. And I can love a woman with no breasts. I am a real man, I like almost every woman.
I understand it's fun to diss people. it's a game, but seriously..


AMEN. thank you. no one seems to understand this.


She looks great. Just eat some ice cream and don't worry about dissing Mischa, dear. She is beautiful at any size, and big tits are hardly anything to be proud of. I think they are rude. Besides, everyone that has tits like Pam anderson or Anna Nicole Smith always ends up sick. Skinny people like Kate Moss age very well and stay healthy.


I'm naturally thin, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm suffering from anorexia or any other eating disorders usually. I thought Mischa looked much happier and healthier now then when she was much thinner. Why do people always have to give her a hard time about her weight? Either she's too fat or too thin.


True..I'm also skinny but I do eat.


no kidding... it's called GENETICS. Not every person that isskinny or fat is that way because they eat too much or don't eat. Get a clue. Oh, but these two are definitely vomiting the one leaf of salad they eat every day.


What about the kids that are as skinny as Mischa but eat healthily?? And that get made fun of for it? For looking like a "stick" and having "chicken legs" and having bony everything? Think next time. Some people are skinny and they just can't help it.

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