Avril Lavigne Marries Fellow Canadian Rocker

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Pop star and wannabe punk rocker Avril Lavigne wed Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley in Montecito, Calif., on Saturday afternoon.

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The Catholic ceremony began at 5 p.m. and lasted only 20 minutes. Lavigne, 21, hails from Ontario, Canada, as does her 26-year old husband. The two were friends for several years before they began dating in 2004.

Whibley proposed in Venice, Italy, back in June 2004, while she was in the midst of her European tour.

"Avril looked beautiful! Her hair was very bright blonde. Her dress was simple, but elegant," a witness said of the ceremoney.

After the groom kissed the bride, guests flung rose petals on the newlyweds as they traipsed up the aisle.

"Attendees cheered with excitement, and were so stoked for the newlyweds," said the witness, who is totally not trying to cash in on her friend's fame by talking to the tabloids.

Lavigne may act like she's trying to act tough in order to sell CDs, but deep down, she says she's a real sweetheart, too.

"I might look like a tough chick â€" and I am â€" but I'm also a hopeless romantic inside," Lavigne said.

When asked if the nuptials will impact the release of more sub-par music from Lavigne or Sum 41, the newlyweds had no comment. They also declined to comment on whether their future children would be given names as absurd as Avril or Deryck. Actually, no one asked them that. At least that we know of. We made it up. However, if someone did ask either of those questions, chances are they would not comment.


me ot I love her to her boy friend is so stuipd o come on she is like not nice then nice like come on that is stuipd she was married and then they got a diersoris and then she gose back to dating o come on that is stuipd ok i am a suirrl I dont know why i am a suirrl VGN


"i love avril she is like totally awsome...and william if u dont like her y r u wasting ur time on here??...i saw her yeasterday at a local resturant....it was the bomb..i lo0ve her she is sooooooo cool!!!!" Yeah see this is the next generation of illiterate unreasonable nasty twits-I'm sorry "punks"- Lavigne's music is spawning on the world. Thanks.


i love avril she is like totally awsome...and william if u dont like her y r u wasting ur time on here??...i saw her yeasterday at a local resturant....it was the bomb..i lo0ve her she is sooooooo cool!!!!


I think (thought) she was quite hot, but yeah she is a total bitch, i dont even see how shes still making music, i dont know anyone that likes her or her music


God she makes the bush twins look less ugly spoiled-bratty. Although should we really be rewarding these pathetic attention getting actions with well attention-who cares? The only way Lavigne, who had mercifully disappeared, can get back in the spotlight is to scower at Britney Spears' spotlight. I'm still shocked that that horrid twangy "complicated" song that cursed my radio a few years back was considered punk-WTF?!! I've never been a Britney fan but my god she makes Spears look sympathetic. What was with that naziesque "Britney is Weak" rant? Would someone force feed this bitch midols and stop buying this sanctimonious bitches self-righteous told ya so songs too. Honestly who becomes such a junior dr. Laura at her age. That is some ugly bleached out hair and the nose job explains why she looked like Carol Channing after some bad plastic surgery at her pretentious wedding.


you are rockn you rule there is nothing bad about you ,you have such a cool voice i listen to you every day.once some one listens to your voice they cant stop listening and when your new single comes out every one will be rushing out to the shops to buy it and even if it is so much money because you're so great


Avrils a ho. she used to be cool. but now shes just an annoying little bitch.


they r the rockin couple and i guess that thier relationship lasts longer not like that of britney
but i guess avril is sated with herself


aww, im not normally all 'aww' about weddings but avril n deryck suit each uva so much, i jus hope its not guna go up in flames cuza ther careerz :-/
they shud last cuz der a rockin couple lol. bye x


lstn up whoeva disrespects avril 4 wat she does!
two nights in a row..spiitin on de paparazzi,aint a big deal,y make this a big issue?surely,paparazzi's can be total pain in the ass..mayb dey deserved it after all 4 hell's sake!


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