Ashlee Simpson: Now & Then

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Ashlee Simpson has undergone quite the makeover.


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    ashlee simpson has more talent in her toenail than her much bigger sister


    I totally agree.


    This is nuts.
    She's nuts. I mean.. I was once her biggest fan and her music was just great..
    Now she has changed.. from body to her music.. she ain't the same Ashlee Simpson I loved..

    Ashlee.. why? WHY?


    shes a ugly dog with or without surgery. I dont know how anyone can say shes a role model, and people can look up to her, coz shes doesnt set a very good example. all she shows is how not to sing and be a skank!


    wow..those are some harsh words.

    celebs go through plastic surgery. hey, at least she is honest about it.

    i thought she looked before and i think she looks great now. let her do her thing and go do yours. sheesh.


    I guess the only thing i still like about her is that sometimes she wears cool outifts, kinda punk rock. For ex: like in the first pic, i like those boots and the pants, & dress. ^_^ Other then that, well i would love to hear songs that really make one believe that she is a good singer...i've heard stuff lately that i think is below what she can do. Dont become a britney now 0_0


    Hmm...Well i she doesn't look that different that i can't tell who it is. Just that in the other pics she has bangs, and her nose is bigger, and she's wearing kinda boyish outfits, so that makes the difference. I guess its okay, she looks better, i mean not everyone likes their nose hehe and maybe would want to chance it if they had the money, but also shes kinda boring now. I mean, she had her look, yeah her nose wasn't perfect, but she kinda was cool becasue she was sorta a tomboy and had this punk look about her. Its funny but the same happened to Jessica. When i first heard her sing, and when i first saw her, she was cool, her self, and now she just loooks like one of those dumb blonds like paris hilton. Man they are boring.


    I think that Ashlee is semi-talented, but not talented enough to be famous on her own... she wouldn't have been known without Jessica.
    AND I think it is sad that she has been so back and forth with denying the plastic surgery. You can't deny something like that... what did her nose grow backwards? don't think so. So yes it was her choice and her body, but it really doesn't change her overall... once a sad girl in her sister's shadow, always a sad girl in her sister's shadow.




    Ashlee is my cup of tea :X

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