Shocking Revelation: Bloom Enjoys Kissing Keira

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Orlando Bloom confessed that he loves kissing Keira Knightley while filming the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.

"She's a great kisser and a lovely, and very funny, person," he said. "She's absolutely gorgeous."

O. Bloom
Keira Knightley Picture

You think? Bloom did admit that he does find shooting love scenes strange.

"Kissing scenes are a bit peculiar. It's like you play at it," he said.

Bloom, 29, who has been linked to Kate Bosworth, Claire Danes and Sienna Miller, may have an edge over many of his actor counterparts if he ever wants to make a serious play for Keira's heart. In the July issue of InStyle, Knightley says she prefers British men.

"Ask an American guy what his beauty regime is, and he'll tell you. Ask a Brit, and he'll say, ‘Er… Guinness?' I like that," she said.

The actress, 21, does admit to an affinity for one American: Johnny Depp, her co-star in the Pirates franchise. Asked which of her leading men was the best kisser, she replied, "Johnny Depp certainly wasn't bad."

Knightley is currently dating British actor Rupert Friend, 24, her c-ostar in 2005's Pride & Prejudice, for which she garnered an Oscar nomination.

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Keira seriously needs 2 stop dating ugly freaks like Rupert and should hook up with Orlando.


y does evryone want KIERA TO DUMP HER GUY what about orland he can do something too if he really cared about her he would have dumped KATE/ he would have made a move


they had such a connection on pirates of the Carribean. He is so hot,fun,handsome I cant find fault with him! Go for it Keira!!!


I'ts so obvios Keira and Orlando are inlove with eachother lol. U know what I don't think Rubert is Keiras boy friend or EVER WAS. Cuz I have NEVErRseen a picture of keira kissing or looking at rubert at any lovey smoochie way lol. SO HA lol.


I think you should jst dump rupert. i bet you that orlando will love you more than rupert. Dump Rupert and go for orlando


I hate rupert!! he is just a freiken orlando wannabe!!! orlando and keira need to get together and thats all there is 2 it!!!


I agree with the ones who think she should dump Rubert and go for Orlando hes so hot. Ive tried to convince my mum she secretly fancies Orlando


KEIRA AND RUPART AREN'T engaged THEY LIKE NEVER SPENT TIME TOGETHER and that rupart guy is such a fag. Besides we all know keira and orlando love eachother.


Well some poeple are crushed that keira and rupert are engaged but i guess thats how it is even if her and orlando make the best couple.... oh well -_-....


You might have different opinions and I respect them I'm just saying it would make you happy trust me.Someone I know went through a situation where her boyfriend got insucure he turned into a jerk.I don't want you to go through the same thing so dump Rupurt and go for Orlando.