Pink Gives Badly-Needed Shout Out to Britney

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Perhaps the counter-culture bad girl of pop has a soft side after all. Alecia Moore, the oddball singer better known as Pink (left), shocked fans at a show last night by dedicating a song to beleaguered pop star Britney Spears.

Pink, who performed in front of a sold-out crowd at hotspot Avalon in L.A., dedicated "Don't Let Me Get Me" to Spears.

Almost Nude
Distraught Britney Spears

The star, who makes a living on stirring up trouble and has made headlines in the past for clowning on Jessica Simpson and other ditzy pop figures, told the audience she has always loved Spears -- and wanted "everyone to send her some good energy and love, because she could use it right now."

Spears has recently been criticized for her bad mothering skills, marrying a deadbeat freeloader, and looking like a human train wreck on Dateline NBC.

Just as all that was blowing over, critics returned in force this week as Harper's Bazaar released its forthcoming Britney Spears nude photo gallery (below). Pink did not comment on whether she approved of the pictures, which some have called hot, others believe are tasteful, and others still have derided as inappropriate.

Regardless of her views on that issue, this was certainly a nice gesture on the part of Pink, and the sellout crowd reportedly reacted by cheering and breaking out in loud bouts of laughter. It's good too see that Pink doesn't consider Britney a "Stupid Girl" in spite of all she's been though. Friends need friends at times like these!

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Perfect work!


both are stupid poptards


i bet she has a nice box i would stick it in her heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll yeah!


Too much $$ too fast and not mature enough to handle all the fame and forturne. Happens to ppl all the time.


She is totaly an alcoholic. SOMEONE HAS 2 CONTROLL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shuuuut up people FOR REAL stop being so damn nosy and belittling....Atleast this girl doesnt give a damn about what people think about her UNLIKE SOME OF U INSECURE GIRLS OUT THERE and she has enough balls to take pictures of herself in a body people would normally be too shy to reveal....yeah so i would say...GET A LIFE


tooo much beer , or is she knocked up ????

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