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Could the steamy world of Grey's Anatomy have spawned a real life romance?

Rumor has it that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guest star whose dark, handsome character, Denny Duquette, died tragically after endearing himself to fans for a good part of the second season, has apparently linked up with Kate Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Shepherd.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan Image
  • K. Walsh

On Saturday, says a source, the two had their first real date, at Arnie Morton's in Studio City. There were definitely some fireworks, although perhaps not the best. Many Grey's fans stopped by their table, and one woman insisted on buying them a bottle of wine.

After Jeffrey and Kate politely declined, the woman refused to take no for an answer, promoting a manager had to intervene, and the outraged woman to launch into a tirade. The loud, embarrassing scene ended only after the woman stormed out, threatening a lawsuit.

Despite the chaos, Jeffrey and Kate reportedly were unfazed, leaving the restaurant smiling and arm in arm.

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The priest officiating Nicole Kidman's wedding to country crooner Keith Urban says the key to their lasting happiness could be as simple as keeping things spontaneous and fresh.

Father Paul Coleman, a friend to the Kidman family for nearly 30 years, told the Sydney Morning Herald that he has been advocating these methods for the couple to keep love and romance blossoming during their marriage.

Nicole Kidman Picture

"You've got to use little strategies, strategies [such as] surprises, keeping some form of romance in the relationship, even after 20 years," he said. "To me, it's wonderful that Keith's mother and father have been married for 42 years and Nicole's mother and father have been nearly the [same]. That's an outstanding achievement and something that fills you with hope."

Kidman and Urban will reportedly wed on Sunday afternoon, although the exact time and place have been closely guarded by the Australian couple. It will be Nicole's second marriage, after her 10-year union with possibly insane actor Tom Cruise broke down in 2001.

While Coleman refused to confirm where or when the service would be held, he did say the ceremony would take under an hour, and mentioned the homily he plans to deliver. He will urge Kidman and Urban to find time for one another despite their hectic schedules.

"It will be after one of the scripture readings just to put what the marriage means in the context of the lives of Nicole and Keith," he said. "You need to find time. Everyone's so busy today, with their work and paying off mortgages and looking after children; somehow we just have to find [the] time for each other."

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He may have been daydreaming about cheerleaders or riding crops, but Charlie Sheen was at least on his best behavior last week when he met the parents of his new girlfriend.

Brooke Mueller, the daughter of Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore, has been stepping doing the nasty with Sheen for a few weeks now. The elder Fiore said she and husband John went to California last week to be introduced to Sheen, 40. Her recount of the events:

Chuck Sheen Picture

"I've never seen my daughter happier," Fiore said. "She told me they laugh morning, noon and night, and that she's never been more comfortable with someone. Charlie says he loves her personality and, of course, her looks. As a mother, if they're happy, I'm happy."

And as a naughty sex fiend, if her daugher's hot, Sheen is happy. Other reports state that the ex-husband of Denise Richards introduced Brooke to his parents, including West Wing president, Martin, on Mother's Day.

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As Michael Jackson faces trial this summer, perhaps he can take solace in the fact that the mother of the young boy who accused him of child molestation in 2004 will also face a judge. Or maybe Jacko will be comforted by some kiddie porn instead.

Janet Arvizo, whose married name is actually Janet Jackson (no, not THAT Janet Jackson) has been ordered to stand trial on charges of welfare fraud and perjury.

She's been charged with fraudulently obtaining nearly $8,000 by allegedly repeatedly lying about her financial situation, while applying for welfare aid from 2001-03 and failing to disclose a substantial settlement from a civil suit with department store JC Penney.

This Was It

The 37-year-old pleaded not guilty to all five felony counts in Los Angeles Superior Court this week. She's been charged with one count of aid by misrepresentation and four counts of perjury by application for aid.

The Gossip would like to charge her with countless counts of allowing her child to be alone with Michael Jackson. But we lack the legal authority to enforce that. Arvizo is due back in court Aug. 7 for the start of the trial, though Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson said Wednesday the date could be postponed up to 30 days should a deal be impending that might eliminate the need for a trial.

If convicted, Arvizo would likely face up to three years' probation.

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It's no secret that Katharine McPhee rocked the American Idol world with beauty and an incredible singing voice earlier this year.

What was a secret, up until she recently revealed it, was that the starlet battled bulimia for five years. The eating disorder, which involves self-induced vomiting, put McPhee's health in serious jeopardy. Her lowest points saw her forcing herself to throw up seven times daily.

After successfully auditioning for Idol last fall, the 22-year old (with winner Taylor Hicks, below) decided it was finally time to seek help.

  • Taylor Hicks American Idol Season five
  • Katharine McPhee Hair

"When I made it onto American Idol, I knew that food -- my eating disorder -- was the one thing really holding me back," she said. "I was bingeing my whole life away for days at a time... So when I got on the show, I said, 'You know what? I can do well in this competition. Let me give myself a chance and just get ahold of this thing.'"

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Hey, Hulkamaniacs, what'cha gonna do when a Tampa Bay property is put on the market and runs wild on you?!?

That's the question Hulk Hogan fans now have to ponder, as the wrestling star has moved his family to Miami Beach and put his mansion near Tampa on the market. The cost on agreeing on terms for this Florida home loan? A cool $25 million.

Jennifer McDaniel, Hulk Hogan Kiss

The Hulkster (real name: Terry Bollea) and his wife, Linda, moved last month to a new $12 million bayfront estate on Miami Beach. They wanted their children, Brooke, 18, and Nick, 15, to pursue singing and acting careers. Brooke has already taken advantage of her father's name to sing the national anthem at a hockey game a couple years ago.

Now the 17,000-square-foot, French-style mansion - familiar to fans of the family's VH1 reality TV series - Hogan Knows Best, is on the market. The home has seven fireplaces, 2.3-acre grounds overlooking the Intercoastal Waterway and Gulf of Mexico, a guesthouse, swimming pool, waterfall and four-car garage.

"You can get lost in it," said Marcia Ellis of Coldwell Banker. We guess that's a good thing.

Hogan still owns a more modest place on Clearwater Beach, along with a home in Los Angeles that's on the market for a paltry $5.9 million.

"I've got to downscale," he told The Miami Herald recently. "We'll head toward Miami like the Beverly Hillbillies."

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Unfortunately for Star magazine, "baby, baby, baby" was simply a piece of dialgue from Walk the Line. In reality, Reese Witherspoon has no such news on a third child.

The Oscar winner filed a lawsuit against the publication Wednesday, arguing that a "phony" June 26 cover story headlined "Reese & Juliaâ€"Baby #3″ was a "callous effort to boost the tabloid's sagging sales," according to court documents obtained by E! Online.

Witherspoon is claiming she's suffered significant distress and damage to her good name because of the story. Star, of course, couldn't be reached for comment.

Reese is Fierce

The magazine cover in question (picture, right) directed readers to check out the inside pages to "get all the happy details," regarding Witherspoon's alleged pregnancy. The cover photo also appeared front and center on Star's Website.

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Well, at least now it's official. Despite a Maxim interview she gave in which Jessica claimed her sister had the ideal figure, InStyle has listed the former Newlywed as having Hollywood's Favorite Body. We wonder if she'd hold it against us for saying so.

We sure hope so!

Jessica On Her Back

According to this gorgeous pop star/actress, four workouts per week, combined with an aversion to junk food, have produced her breathtaking frame. Simpson isn't the only hot celebrity out there, however.

Beyonce Knowles was voted as having the Best Curves, while Kate Beckinsale was considered Perfectly Toned and Jessica Alba apparently has the Hottest Bikini Body. What's the difference between that and Jess' award? We have no idea.

But we'd love to examine each woman carefully and find out for sure.

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Don't cry Justin Timberland a river - the pop star is doing just find. His second solo effort, FutureSex/LoveSounds, will hit stores on September 12. The first single off the album, meanwhile, arrives on airways July 7.

Justified, Timberlake's 2002 multi-platinum CD, gave fans such classics as "Rock Your Body," a tune still blared at night clubs around the nation. The latest album wull feature hip-hop heavyweight Timbaland, along with the eclectic Rick Rubin, as producers.

Justin at the Oscars

While many details about the new tracks are being kept quiet, T.I. told AOL earlier this month that he contributed to the upcoming song.

"[It's called] something like 'Love of My Life,'" the Atlanta rapper said. "Something about a girl he likes."

Could it be long ago love, Britney Spears? Or current flame Cameroz Diaz? Maybe we'll find out as Timberlake previews new material with a U.S. club tour in August.

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A week after her emotional interview with Matt Lauer, the amazing Britney Spears has graced the cover of Us Magazine for what must be the 120th consecutive week. Only this time around, the popular publication has plenty of positive press to push.

Brit and penny-pinching hubby Kevin Federline apparently patched things up during a quick vacation to Miami Beach, where they were seen frolicking in the surf and playing in the sand with their 10-month old son, Sean Preston.

Poolside Snack

Spears has welcomed K-Fed back into the bedroom of their $7 million mansion in Malibu, Calif., after a rocky period resulting in his exile to the basement, sources say. However turbulent and exasperating, Mr. & Mrs. Federline are (at least for the next 12 hours) attempting to stay together.

Who is responsible for the couple's recent heart-to-heart that resulted in giving it another go? According to Us, it was the reputable Christian life coach hired by Spears' family to whip the pop princess into shape.

What a sweet job that must be. How does one get it? Send a resume to a Christian life coach firm? We may never know.