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The Gossip blew it.

Lohan in the House

While we're were on top of the Lindsay Lohan/Diddy fight, we weren't aware there was money to be made from such a dust up!

Those keen enough to visit - a site that frequently posts odds on entertainment nonsense/wagers - had a live bet entitled: "Who will Lindsay Lohan fight with next?"

The choices, of course, were numerous. Sean "Diddy" Combs was listed at 30-1, meaning a mere $10 wager would have netted for participant $300!. Other odds included:

The unofficial spread for Lohan versus a cheeseburger was 12-1.

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What's an incredibly rich, soon-to-be historic CBS Evening News anchor to do before beginning her new gig? Tour the country, of course!

No, Katie Couric, won't have an opening act or play "All Along the Watchtower" as an encore, but the former Today mainstay will hold town hall-style forums with viewers to learn more about what they want from their national news. The only confirmed date, so far, is July 13 in Denver.

Couric Pic

Unlike the town meetings held by a certain, current President of the United States, these forums won't be televised. In other words, they can - gasp! - actually be real conversations with real people.

Could a presidential campaign be far behind for America's first female anchor? Probably.

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When we first came across this picture, we could have sworn it was Angelina Jolie toting one of her many refugee children. But it's actually a different star, one whose personal life has been even more tumultuous of late. Britney Spears, who can't go five minutes without bawling on TV, banishing her deadbeat husband to the basement or dropping her infant son, was photographed looking startlingly different yesterday:

Getting Her Sexy On

For once, The Gossip is speechless. Someone get her help!

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It seems unlikely this was part of the advice a priest recently gave her, but Nicole Kidman has asked fiance Keith Urban to sign a prenuptial agreement.

The pact guarantees the country crooner just over $600,000 a year for every year the couple is together, the New York Post reports. There's also a clause that excuses Kidman from giving a cent if Urban, an ex-coke addict, uses illegal narcotics or boozes excessively. Amen to that, sister!

Nicole Kidman Glitters

The agreement, signed in Los Angeles earlier this month, also calls for joint custody of any kids the couple has together.

In Kurban wedding news: Kidman is expected to wear a long white gown with a Victorian-style high collar during the Catholic ceremony, expected to be held at an old Gothic chapel overlooking the sea in the Sydney suburb of Manly.

Among the 200 guests expected are:

  • Meryl Streep
  • Julianne Moore
  • Russell Crowe
  • Naomi Watts
  • Hugh Jackman

The Gossip is still awaiting its invitation.

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It may seem as though everyone in the world has seen Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, but there had been one notable exception: the baby's grandmother.

Until now. Angelina Jolie finally introduced her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, to Shiloh this week. Jolie had wanted her mother to be at the birth of Shiloh, but Marcheline is suffering from terminal cancer. She was too ill to fly to Namibia.

According to The Sun, a source revealed: "Angelina and her mom are really close. Their time apart during the latter stages of her pregnancy was tough. She originally wanted to give birth to Shiloh in France - the country where her mum was born and raised.

Brad, Angelina and Six Kids!

But Marcheline simply wasn't well enough to make the long-haul flight to be by her daughter's side."

The source went on to state that Jolie has been determined to let her mom hold Shiloh before it was too late. Emotions overflowed once this event finally took place.

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Perhaps the recent declaration that he wanted to get married and have kids was more than just a distant dream for Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron

The National Enquirer is reporting that the Reeves, who has been battling Brendan Fraser for the title of Worst A-List Actor Ever for what seems like ages, has proposed to his girlfriend, Claire Forlani.

"Keanu didn't work up the nerve to propose until last week," a surely reliable source told the tabloid.

The couple has been together for around three years, with Reeves undaunted by the fact that Forlani, an English actress, appeared in Meet Joe Black, possibly the worst movie ever produced. The Matrix star apparently popped the question over dinner at celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant in Hollywood, and Claire accepted happily.

An inside source went on to reveal that the couple tentatively plans to marry at the end of next year, at Reeves' new home in Hollywood.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

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... will get you some awfully inane remarks. Just wait. As previously reported, aspiring rapper Kevin Federline showed up in Times Square to hype Virgin Mobile's new 1-cent text-message service and launch the wireless company's "Save the Penny" fund-raising drive for various children's organizations.

"What's up, New York!" Federline shouted from a stage after arriving in an armored truck decorated with 120,000 pennies. "I'm here with Virgin Mobile to bring the power back to the penny! I feel good about the penny! I'm glad to give it back to these charities."

Fat Federline

Then he sent the first 1-cent text, claiming it went to wife Britney Spears. Whether the pregnant pop princess responded positively, or asked her hubby to snare some pennies for her former bodyguards' back pay, is another story.

In any case, Federline posed for the cameras holding up a penny, then slipping it in the armored vehicle's donation slot. Then he took a smoke break, wiped his hand on his pants and did a few television interviews.

"I just gave all my pennies to charity," he bragged. "A bunch of charities get these children off the streets - build a better life, build a better future, for these children. There's thousands of kids out here that have nowhere to go."

Finished with the compassionate interviews, K-Fed kissed publicist Marilyn Lopez goodbye as four bodyguards escorted him to a black SUV. A block into the ride, the SUV rear-ended a cab. Obscenities were traded between the driver and one of Federline's bodyguards.


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Popping out a baby one second, popping up on the big screen the next second, Gwen Stefani can't be held down!

The singer is reportedly preparing to star in an adapation of the Tennessee Williams screenplay, Baby Doll. Naturally, the former No Doubt lead would play the role of said doll.

Gwen on the Red Carpet

The film, originally made in 1956, features a gorgeous young woman who promises her failed businessman husband that their marriage will be consummated a year from their nuptials. For whatever reason, this isn't good enough for the strapping, viral male.

He's dying to bed his wife, and anxious to improve his business, so he decides to burn down the plant of this arch-rival. After this occurs, the rival has to use the husband's plant to produce cotton, but things start to go awry when he meets Baby Doll.

Got all that? Neither do we. But we do know Stefani has previously starred in The Aviator, playing screen legend Jean Harlow.

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Some parties must go on. Just ask Eva Longoria.

On her way to the T-Mobile launch party for a new Sidekick phone, this Desperate Housewife was involved in a collision. The Range Rover Longoria was riding in was hit by a Ford Taurus along West Hollywood street Tuesday.

One Happy Couple

The accident occurred immediately following an appointment with celebrity stylist, Ken Paves, so at least Eva looked her hottest as impending death surrounded the scene. Or at least a sense of panic.

Longoria, who wasn't driving when the two vehicles collided, quickly left the scene in Paves' car. The actress' publicist says, "She's fine."

Damn right she is! Three hours later, Longoria was at the party. Once there, she posed with another one of Paves' regulars, Jessica Simpson. The Gossip is attempting to recover those photographs to survey any possible damage from the accident.

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Does papa preach? Not when his daughter is keeping her act clear for his sake.

Madonna has been shocking audiences around the world during her Confessions tour, repeatedly using the f-word, flipping her middle finger at the crowd, reaching inside her pants and suggesting that people perform a lewd act on President Bush.

Jesus Luz and Madonna Pic

At a recent show in Chicago, however, the naughty actions and speeces were practically absent. The reason? Madonna's father was in the audience.

"She gave the crowd the finger only one time and never once said the f-word," says a source who attended that show. "At one point, she actually asked the audience to applaud extra loud for her so that her dad would know she made something of herself. The crowd went wild."

There was an eerie silence, however, when the Material Girl made a similar request on behalf of new friend, Lindsay Lohan.

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