Could the steamy world of Grey's Anatomy have spawned a real life romance?

Rumor has it that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guest star whose dark, handsome character, Denny Duquette, died tragically after endearing himself to fans for a good part of the second season, has apparently linked up with Kate Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Shepherd.

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The priest officiating Nicole Kidman's wedding to country crooner Keith Urban says the key to their lasting happiness could be as simple as keeping things spontaneous and fresh.

Father Paul Coleman, a friend to the Kidman family for nearly 30 years, told the Sydney Morning Herald that he has been advocating these methods for the couple to keep love and romance blossoming during their marriage.

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He may have been daydreaming about cheerleaders or riding crops, but Charlie Sheen was at least on his best behavior last week when he met the parents of his new girlfriend.

Brooke Mueller, the daughter of Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore, has been stepping doing the nasty with Sheen for a few weeks now. The elder Fiore said she and husband John went to California last week to be introduced to Sheen, 40. Her recount of the events:

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As Michael Jackson faces trial this summer, perhaps he can take solace in the fact that the mother of the young boy who accused him of child molestation in 2004 will also face a judge. Or maybe Jacko will be comforted by some kiddie porn instead. Janet Arvizo, whose married name is actually Janet Jackson (no, not THAT Janet Jackson) has been ordered to stand trial on charges of welfare fraud and perjury.

She's been charged with fraudulently obtaining nearly $8,000 by allegedly repeatedly lying about her financial situation, while applying for welfare aid from 2001-03 and failing to disclose a substantial settlement from a civil suit with department store JC Penney.

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It's no secret that Katharine McPhee rocked the American Idol world with beauty and an incredible singing voice earlier this year.

What was a secret, up until she recently revealed it, was that the starlet battled bulimia for five years. The eating disorder, which involves self-induced vomiting, put McPhee's health in serious jeopardy. Her lowest points saw her forcing herself to throw up seven times daily.

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Hey, Hulkamaniacs, what'cha gonna do when a Tampa Bay property is put on the market and runs wild on you?!?

That's the question Hulk Hogan fans now have to ponder, as the wrestling star has moved his family to Miami Beach and put his mansion near Tampa on the market. The cost on agreeing on terms for this Florida home loan? A cool $25 million.

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Unfortunately for Star magazine, "baby, baby, baby" was simply a piece of dialgue from Walk the Line. In reality, Reese Witherspoon has no such news on a third child. The Oscar winner filed a lawsuit against the publication Wednesday, arguing that a "phony" June 26 cover story headlined "Reese & Juliaâ€"Baby #3″ was a "callous effort to boost the tabloid's sagging sales," according to court documents obtained by E! Online.

Witherspoon is claiming she's suffered significant distress and damage to her good name because of the story. Star, of course, couldn't be reached for comment.

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Don't cry Justin Timberland a river - the pop star is doing just find. His second solo effort, FutureSex/LoveSounds, will hit stores on September 12. The first single off the album, meanwhile, arrives on airways July 7.

Justified, Timberlake's 2002 multi-platinum CD, gave fans such classics as "Rock Your Body," a tune still blared at night clubs around the nation. The latest album wull feature hip-hop heavyweight Timbaland, along with the eclectic Rick Rubin, as producers.

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A week after her emotional interview with Matt Lauer, the amazing Britney Spears has graced the cover of Us Magazine for what must be the 120th consecutive week. Only this time around, the popular publication has plenty of positive press to push.

Brit and penny-pinching hubby Kevin Federline apparently patched things up during a quick vacation to Miami Beach, where they were seen frolicking in the surf and playing in the sand with their 10-month old son, Sean Preston.

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In the wake of Father's Day, Life & Style saw fit to pay tribute to the most underappreciated of roles: the famous father. Herewith is a list of those the publication considered worth recognizing (a write-in campaign for Kevin Federline is underway):

Brad Pitt, the new dad - How many men go from no kids to three in one year? While holding on to his boyish charm?

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Tom is Cruising solo in Japan this week, flying across the Pacific as part of a promotional tour for Mission: Impossible 3.

Fiancee Katie Holmes and baby daughter Suri were nowhere in sight, but clearly on the minds of the Japanese media.

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