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Katie Cassidy must be in 7th Heaven. The star of that show has somehow beaten out Jessica Simpson - and former Laguna Beach star/Nick Lachey sex slave - Kristin Cavallari - for the role of Lucy Ewing in the upcoming film version of Dallas.

Cassidy (pictured) is the daughter of former teen idol David Cassidy. She's currently starring in the Adam Sandler vehicle, Click.

Jessica Simpson and Nephew

"Producers wanted to steer clear of the drama and also thought Katie was simply better for the role," a source told Us Weekly.

Jennifer Lopez has been cast as alcoholic Sue Ellen and is very spoiled. She also allegedly didn't want Simpson as a costar in the upcoming movie because "she's hoping for a no-name actress, said our source. "Jennifer doesn't want a diva on the set."

In that case, we assume she'll soon be removing herself from it.

Even the original Lucy, Charlene Tilton, 47, didn't want to see Simpson in the role, actually preferring 19-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

"Jessica is beautiful, but too old," said Tilton. "I had just turned 17 when we started filming. It's more exciting if Lucy is doing all of these things…out of high school. [Lindsay Lohan] is a great choice."

And a very thin one.

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Ah, the difficult life of an actress and her fashion styling friends. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan flew Nate Newell to L.A. for a week of partying last weekend - and it grew so out of control that Newell had to beg other friends for airfare home.

"Lindsay flew Nate out and said it would only be for a couple days," a source told the New York Post. "She flew him out, put him up, paid for everything, and they had the best time ... at first. But then Lindsay decided to stay. Nate couldn't take her constant partying. He didn't have the money to fly home, so concerned friends chipped in to buy him an immediate ticket out of there."


The Gossip found an unofficial transcript of Nate's desperate phone call:

"I need help! Lindsay keeps leaving the table every six minutes to 'powder her nose' in the bathroom ... and I spilled a free bottle of Cristal on my lap ... the stripper couldn't get it all off with her tongue and I think Diddy put out a hit on me ...

Tough times indeed. Evidently, Lohan was so angry she text-messaged some friends: "[Newell] is dead to me." She is also demanding Newell reimburse her for his hotel room, plane ticket and other expenses.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly has been kind enough to review Lohan's last couple weeks. It included:

  • A catfight with Paris Hilton over Stavros Niarchos
  • Partied at Bungalow 8 almost every night
  • Had a dance-off at P.M.
  • Partied at Marquee
  • Deejayed in the street for a Gap event
  • Downed champagne at the birthday party of Jefferson Hack (Kate Moss' baby daddy)
  • Was kicked out of the SoHo House
  • Got into a fight with Sean Combs at Butter - where she also threw glasses at owner Richie Akiva

Unfortunately, she didn't have time to eat during any of those ordeals.

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Fans of the Harry Potter series, consider yourselves warned: TWO characters will die in the seventh and final installment of the novels. While there's no release date announced for the book yet, this information comes from a reliable sources:

J.K. Rowling.

Pottermore Picture

The author wouldn't name names, but she did have the following to say:

"I've never been tempted to kill him (Harry) off before the end of book seven, because I always planned seven books and that's where I want to go," the author told Britain's Channel 4. "I can completely understand, however, the mentality of an author who thinks 'Well, I'm going to kill them off because that means there can be no non-author-written sequels ... so it will end with me, and after I'm dead and gone they won't be able to bring back the character'."

Could Potter really perish? Or is Rowling just laying a few seeds of publicity a for the final novel already? No doubt it'll need it ...

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There's exclusive and then there's Malibu.

The California seaside paradise, just north of Los Angeles, is the kind of place where you might run into Brad buying a teddy bear for baby Shiloh Nouvel at the toy store, then bump into Mel Gibson picking up some food at the market, then see Britney Spears out shopping with son Sean Preston.

  • Halle Berry Bikini Body
  • Ellen Pompeo New Years photo
  • Britney Pic

With 27 miles of beaches and a quick 30-minute commute to Hollywood, it's no wonder Malibu is a celebrity fave. Just look at these testimonials...

"The ocean is just tranquil and beautiful," -- Ellen Pompeo, star of the ABC hit series Grey's Anatomy

"It's just cooler in the summer." -- Julie Andrews

"I thought I was going to move out to Malibu and just live on the beach!" -- Halle Berry

How much does it cost to live out there? The rule is, if you have to ask, you can't afford it. You can forget about finding home loans. Malibu homes are so coveted that those on the low end easily sell for around $3 million. The highest? Nearly $65 million.

The ultra-chic Malibu Colony development, with its 100 seaside mansions, is a place Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Sting and others currently call home. The colony is one of the three most-coveted areas in Malibu, with Broad Beach and Carbon Beach �"- also known as "Billionaire's Beach," home to Jennifer Aniston and the Arquettes -- right alongside it.

Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman and Pierce Brosnan make the sandy backyard of Broad Beach their home. Just eight miles north of town, past Zuma Beach, is Brangelina's estate, with a private stairway weaving all the way down to the sand.

"I love all of Malibu. I always say that if I really was going to settle down in L.A., I'd have to live in Malibu, because it's so beautiful, and it's just out of the city. You still kind of, you feel like a little disconnected from L.A.," actress Jamie Lynn Seigler said.

Malibu's exclusivity isn't for everyone. Some feel it's too disconnected from L.A., and the paparazzi are pretty much synonymous with the town.

Malibu can be paradise lost for more serious reasons as well. Its mansions are threatened by floods, mudslides and out-of-control fires annually.

Such a heavy concentration of stars also attracts the deranged. In the last few years, both Aniston and Pamela Anderson have had unwanted intruders in their Malibu homes, while a man who stalked Gibson was recently sentenced to three years in prison.

Still, we'll take our chances. Anything for a glimpse of K-Fed.

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Insults flowing from someone with a lame sitcom on the WB? We're not sure how seriously the Dixie Chicks can take criticisms from Reba McEntire, but this country catfight appears to be gaining momentum.

The red-haired singer says she's "very disappointed" in the group for comments its made about the country music insutry, along with wel-publicized comments about President Bush.

  • The Dixie Chicks Done Up
  • Reba McIntire Grey Top

Martie Maguire, one third of this controversial trio, told Time magazine the singers don't care very much. They prefer to attract fans who "will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire and Toby Keith ... We don't want those kinds of fans."

Snaps, yo. In response, Reba defended her field and those within it.

"I've never turned my back on country music," she told the CMT network. "So when somebody talks bad about my music, my family, that does not set well with me. And when you bite the hand that feeds you, I just don't think that's very nice."

Reba also said she was "very glad" the comments about her and Keith were made public because "I was ready to say that because I hope they realize that they're not doing themselves any favors."

Now, about that sitcom ...

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The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who has been cited by Johnny Depp as inspiration for his out-there Pirates of the Caribbean character, Capt. Jack Sparrow, will make a cameo appearance in the third Pirates movie as Jack's father.

The sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, opens July 7, while the final installment of the trilogy is due out in summer of 2007.

Captain Jack Poster

"As long as Keith doesn't fall out of any more trees, it will be fine," producer Jerry Bruckheimer said of Richards' role.

Richards suffered minor head injuries falling out of a tree earlier this year, but the ever-resilient icon is still expected to show up in August when Depp and co-stars Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom shoot the final scenes for the third Pirates.

"We're saving Keith. He will be in the third film," Gore Verbinski, the trilogy's director, said.

Depp is looking forward to working with Richards (below).

"We're friends. I thought about having Keith come on as my father when we did the first Pirates film. It would be fun and interesting. But I didn't realize this could actually happen," Depp told GLARE.

The actor also acknowledged that Capt. Jack Sparrow is, to a certain degree, an impression of Richards, 62.

"To me, it's not Keith. It's not me being Keith. It's an impression of Keith, but not an impersonation," said Depp, who added that he would love to do a fourth installment of Pirates if given the chance.

"There's still stuff to be done. If they had a good script, why not? [Jack] is definitely part of me. It's criminal fun to play him. When they came up with the idea of parts two and three, it was an opportunity to jump in these shoes again," he said.

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This is a tough one. Does the public believe universally despised Lindsay Lohan or complete unknown Harry Judd?

While the drummer for McFly claims he had a fling with the underweight acress, Lohan's rep is blasting the story as a publicity stunt. Judd had a cameo in the box office bomb, Just My Luck, and said Lindsay flirted with a few members of the band. They all went to a night club where she singled out 20-year-old Judd.

Cold Lindsay Lohan

"Then she said, ‘Kiss me.' I was really nervous, I can tell you, because she's so super successful and talented. I thought, ‘This is awesome," Judd told the London Daily Mail. "Then she invited me back to her hotel, I left at eight the next morning.'"

That's a lot of Parcheesy! For about a year, Judd has denied buzz that the two had a fling, but a single on the group's new album is rumored to be about her. One line of the song "Please, Please, Lindsay, Please!" goes: "You love yourself more than you love me."

"He's using these lies for publicity," Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane, said. "It's convenient how he's making up these stories when he has an album coming out."

Oh, really, Ms. Sloane? Sort of like it's convenient that your client is a worthless piece of spoiled trash?!?

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And we know what you're thinking: There are still any Backstreet Boys?

So they tell us. Now, however, everyone's second favorite boy band is bidding farewell to the oldest member of its band.


"After 13 years of what can only be described as a dream come true, I have decided that it is time to leave the Backstreet Boys. It was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life," said Richardson, 34, adding that he's leaving to pursue other interests.

The remaining members â€" A.J. McLean, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell â€" said they had no plans to replace Richardson.

"The door will always be open for him to return to the Backstreet Boys. We wish him the all the best in his future endeavors," they said on the band's Web site.

The group took a hiatus in 2001 after McLean's highly publicized entry into rehab forced the band to postpone their "Black & Blue" tour. They reunited to release the album Never Gone in 2005. It was never really heard.

The band plans to return to the studio this weekend to begin work on their next album. Meanwhile, Richardson will try to become the next Justin Timberlake. And we'll try to contain our laughter.

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Rush Limbaugh, Clarence Thomas and other well-known conservatives owe Jack Bauer a debt of gratitude; not just for constantly saving the world, but for providing these bores with entertainment on a weekly basis.

At the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, these gentlemen gave thanks for the hit FOX show, 24. The Heritage Foundation hosted a forum with a panel that featured homeland security experts, the co-creators of the show and three of the show's stars to purportedly. The topic at hand?

"America's Image in Fighting Terrorism: Fact, Fiction, or Does it Matter?" Soon enough, however, the event became a love-fest.

Rush Limbaugh Pic
In the front row sat Supreme Court Justice Thomas. Among others in attendence, he listened to Rush gush.

"I am literally in awe of the creativity of the brains behind the program," said conservative talk radio icon Limbaugh, who moderated the panel. "The vice president's a huge fan. Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld's a huge fan."

Since its debut a few weeks after 9/11, 24 has managed not only to climb to the top of the ratings, but to build a serious conservative fan base that reaches the highest echelons of the U.S. government. We're sure watching it is NOT the hard work President Bush often refers to.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff did note that the show had some differences with his reality.

"I do not have an ops center like CTU," he said. But the general themes of the show are real. "The characters are presented with difficult choices, choices about taking violent and drastic action against a threat and weighing that against the consequence of not taking the action and the destruction that might otherwise ensue."

Limbaugh said he hadn't seen the show until someone gave him the DVDs of the first two seasons. On a flight to Dubai, he and former vice presidential aide Mary Matalin watched 18 hours of the show consecutively.

That's comforting to hear. Hopefully, the government will soon send Bauer into Iraq and put an end to this nonsense.


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The barrage of Brangelina pictures and an endearing photo shoot involving little Kingston James McGregor Rossdale have left the eager American public pining for pics of the mysterious, still-unseen Suri Cruise.

The reason pictures of Suri have yet to be released could be because new parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are concerned about privacy -- but it could also simply be because no magazine coughed up enough cash.

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes Pic

According to a Fox News report, photo agency WireImage was given a chance to take pictures of the infant just after birth. As happened with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby Shiloh, the agency conducted an auction with People, Us Weekly, Star, and others to decide who would get exclusive rights to print the snapshots.

But unlike Shiloh, however, whose pictures garnered a reported $4 million from People, the bidding for Suri ended at $3 million, which her parents apparently decided wasn't enough to go ahead with the shoot. Now that Suri is an ancient three months old, her prices has declined even further.

"Shiloh was the whole deal," a source told Fox. "We won't see a baby like that for a while."

Cruise might be the world's biggest star, but his offspring is clearly second fiddle. At least he has a few hundred million dollars to ease the pain.

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