New Baby in Tow, Angelina Wants to Adopt Again

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Now that super couple, Brangelina, has returned to the United States, rumors are already swirling about the next child to be added to this beautiful clan. No offense to Shiloh, but US Weekly reports that Angelina Jolie wants more kids.

Katrina Szish from the magazine said: "They say they definitely plan on adding to their family, but they're likely to adopt the next time around."

Brad Pitt's Long Hair

Think they could take Tom Cruise off the public's hands? The semi-insane new father himself apparently allowed Pitt and Jolie to charter his private jet for their return home. For a cool quarter million dollars, that is.

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I loved Angelina and her movies until she turned into a homewrecker. She wasn't interested in having her own kids but she knew that was the only way to hold onto Brad. That baby is nothing but insurance. I have no respect for her as a person.


hello everybody i am french but i love america and i love angelina on the photography with your childrens
but my dream is talk with angelina on internet. si quelqun porrait me répondre svp!!merci,thank


j'ai oublier quelque chose angelina elle a raison d'avoir adopter maddox et zahara, moi aussi plus tard je vais adopter des petits ethiopiens ou des asiatique.angelina is the very better than


cette photos est vraiment belle est en plus moi mon reve serait d'être actrice,une grande actrice hollywoodienne est de tourner un film avec angelina jolie et brad pitt les star les plus belle au monde,je suis trop fan d'eux,vive brad,angelina et leurs enfants!!!!!


angelina is my favorite star because she is very very beautiful and the photography that very beautiful.
brad and angelina, they have beautiful childrens. voilà mon anglai n'est pas génial mais j'adore trop ça et vive brad et angelina est vive les usa!!!!!!


il y a pas grand chose à dire a part que angelina doit être une maman superbe est en plus elle a de magnique enfants et un super beau maris