Lohan Objects to Thinly Veiled Shopaholic Attacks

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Lindsay Lohan has had enough. Following accusations that claim she's undergoing hypnotherapy to overcome a $1 million-a-year shopping addiction, Lohan has gone public to deny the attack.

It all began when Life and Style Weekly recently alleged the actress is struggling to control her habit, often spending as much as $100,000 in just one day.

At the Pump

Lohan's stylist Rachel Zoe reportedly told the magazine: "Her closets are overflowing with things like $8,000 Prada dresses and $2,000 Balenciaga bags. She has so many clothes, she never even wears some of them!"

The magazine claims sessions with a hypnotist are already working - but Lohan is outraged by the claims. As you can tell by the picture on the left, she's calling everyone she knows to dispute this nonsense. Meanwhile, her publicist stated with emphasis:

"That is just a bunch of crap. There's no hypnotist. And Lindsay loves clothes, but the idea that she spent that much last year is completely stupid."

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she is a shopaholic and acoholic and a cocaineholic


she is just and insane bitch


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It's not really an addiction if you have the money to spend. Lindsay Lohan is the typical young woman with a lot of money to burn. They go shopping until they can't spend any more money.