Someone Agrees to Marry Keanu Reeves

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Perhaps the recent declaration that he wanted to get married and have kids was more than just a distant dream for Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron

The National Enquirer is reporting that the Reeves, who has been battling Brendan Fraser for the title of Worst A-List Actor Ever for what seems like ages, has proposed to his girlfriend, Claire Forlani.

"Keanu didn't work up the nerve to propose until last week," a surely reliable source told the tabloid.

The couple has been together for around three years, with Reeves undaunted by the fact that Forlani, an English actress, appeared in Meet Joe Black, possibly the worst movie ever produced. The Matrix star apparently popped the question over dinner at celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant in Hollywood, and Claire accepted happily.

An inside source went on to reveal that the couple tentatively plans to marry at the end of next year, at Reeves' new home in Hollywood.

Congratulations to the happy couple.


it's hard to tell fact from fiction, however I happen to think that this story is fiction adn Mr. Reeves is apparently just friends with this lady. I think that if things are going to be published then they should at least get the information right. Since the Lake House cme out I have read many comments and Mr. Reeves has insisted each time that they are not even dating.