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Less than one-month old Kingston James McGregor Rossdale may have no idea where he is right now (or why he has four names), but the infant son of Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale is already out of the house and having fun. Here's a recent picture from People Magazine of Kingston and his trendy, rocker mom at a park in L.A.

Gwen And Kingston Enjoy The Day

What a cutie! Kingston's kind of endearing, too.


I am so happy for Gwen&Gavin, They've waited a long time for this...and so have I! Kingston is gonna be a hottie when he grows up, but right now he's a little cutie. I can't wait 2 go to her concert In May, she's coming down to da ATL...i love you Gwen!


He is so cute!


Kingston is the most adorable baby boy imaginable!!!!!!!! It is S-E-R-I-O-U-Sly like Gwen has being a mother in her blood. The thought of having kids Gwen has lived and breathed her whole life!!!!!! This is an enormous dream come true 4 her and Gavin!!!!!!!!


Gwen and the baby look soo great! Look at her preaning over that baby. She is a great mom, you can see it when she looks at her son.


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Gwen and the Family
Gwen Stefani is a proud mother and not a Hollerback Girl. She's married to Gavin Rossdale and is the mom to Kingston. Gwen and Gavin... More »
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