Ellen Pompeo Hesitant to Marry Longtime Beau

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According to iVillage.com, a subsidiary of the venerable National Enquirer, there's a reason why actress Ellen Pompeo hasn't wed longtime boyfriend Chris Ivery.

His criminal past.

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery Photo

Sources close to the 36-year old actress, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on the hit ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy, say she is proceeding with caution when it comes to marriage. Ivery, 38, served 14 months in prison for postal theft and credit card fraud after a 1994 conviction.

While Ivery's past wasn't that important when she was struggling to pay the bills as a waitress, Pompeo may be more concerned with her image now that she's become one of TV's top stars. As she thinks about the future, Ivery may not be as big a part of it as once thought.

"Ellen loves Christopher to death but she can't help feeling that there may be someone else out there better suited for her," a pal told The Enquirer. "She's had a few of her co-stars try to set her up on dates with some well-known bachelors. Ellen declined the offers for now, but she's having second thoughts."

Pompeo and Ivery, a music producer, live together in the Los Angeles area, so things don't appear to be crumbling between them at this point. But if these reports are to be believed, stay tuned. There could be a new hot commodity on the L.A. single scene before long.

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Chilip, If you know Chris ?? Let him reply...


I have known Chris for many years myself, I went to school with him and graduated with him, We all made mistakes and he is doing the right thing, so why don't all you jealous haters out there just leave him alone. PS - It was Chris that gave me this nickname 20+ years ago Go for it Chris... Way to go - Mood says what up!!


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