A Look At Ashlee's BPS

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Bad plastic surgery, that is.

What a difference a year makes. Ashlee Simpson, 21, told Allure last year that she "felt like my nose was big. I was always like, 'I'm going to get a nose job one day. And I'm so glad that I didn't.'" Sure thing, kiddo. The talentless hack singer has apparently changed her opinion of plastic surgery as well as her hairstyle.

Take a look at these pictures from US Magazine, showing how Jessica's lil' sis looks before and after going under the knife, rhinoplasty stizzyle.

Nice Lingerie

Which do you prefer? We're still on the fence. And kind of freaked out.


i think her nose looks good now, better then befor and i'm having mine done as well if it makes you feel better who cares you ever has something negative about it to say is just jellous!!!! BE FOR REAL GET A LIFE


I don't think anyone should criticise her for doing anything with her looks. It's her body, her money. If she feels happy and better about herself, good for her.


im really really on the fence with this one, she looked sooo unique before guys, im mean she wasnt the hottest chick, but now ..hmmmm shes pretty now, im just scared of where this could lead......AND AS I SAY THIS ON FOX NEWS THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT HER BEING ADDICTED.so there ya go....she did have a beak though, now she looks completley different


yeah before is prettier.but now can't change anything.(sergery again is make her uglier)


Well, it just breaks my heart to see another young girl cut her face to please the masses. She wasn't gorgouse before, but she was pretty, and she was unique, and she was Ashlee. Now she is another cookie cutter blond, how boring...


hey whtas up boys and girl
well i was very very upset about that a mean she sweared she was never gettin' a nose job and just look at her i just hope she doesn´t become a surjical junkie! and on tiop of everithing she denies it that was very bad , but oh well.


Is it true Dr Raj Kanodia did her nose???


I must say that who ever did her nose and chin job, did a great job! She looks more happier than she has ever looked! Also, she is far more prettier than Jessica...and smart...lol! Anyhow...it's sad that she could not accept her natural born nose and chin, but whose to say how she felt about her face...maybe she was teased or tormented by friends or demons...I wish her the best of luck...and the best in her career! She has the best nose job in Hollywood...it does not look fake and plastic at all..it is a real good job. I just hope she does not get obsessed and continue to get work done like someone we know with the initials..."M.J."....lol!


Her nosejob looks better but she should die her hair black again cause she looks 2 much like jessica


nn so dv rx allora rx qua... ad ashlee a chi dice che deve fermarsi e solo un defficente quando sbaglia, cioè i tecnici sbagliano nn dovete dare la colpa a lei. nn ha fatto niente canta da dio... nn dovete offenderla lei deve fare concerti xk e la meglio di voi che commentano in america nn so chi siano siete solo dei cretini. ho sentito canta male urla bella questa ma andate a cagare. Ashlee canta nn fermarti fregatene degli altri. sono solo gelosi... ciao


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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
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